Erik grant Bennett


Recording artist

Following in the footsteps of the legendary “piano men” of yesterday, Erik Grant Bennett has been called one of the last real crooners. A soulful singer/songwriter who also plays many of the instruments on his records, EGB writes and sings songs that are certainly catchy enough to be called pop songs, yet they are far less predictable and infinitely more sincere.  Striking a delicate balance between modern studio magic and organic, old-school musicianship, this is an artist you cannot box or label.  He is simply a creative force you must experience for yourself.




A truly prolific songwriter and producer, Erik Grant Bennett stays armed with an eclectic mix of styles and stories to tell. His lyric writing alone is powerful enough to have warranted frequent requests for collaborations, but add to that his talent for crafting melodies, and you have a complete package. Having written for many different artists in a variety of different musical genres, EGB can go from unexpected, quirky humor to gut-wrecnching poetry in a blink, and everywhere in between. Any style, any tempo, any mood, any feeling. Erik Grant Bennett will write it; you’ll believe it!

film composer

A graduate of the world’s most esteemed contemporary music institution, Berklee College of Music, Erik Grant Bennett received his Bachelor of Arts degree in composing music for film.  His love of music and movies made this field of study a no-brainer for him. Ever since, the Emmy-nominated composer has created original scores and soundtracks for documentary films, commercials, corporate films, live events, videos, and even musicals written for the stage. The orchestra is his favorite playground, and writing music for feature films is his favorite dream.